Why a hybrid heat exchanger? Hybrid heat exchangers equipped with heat recovery have one particular advantage in cold climates: they reduce the drying effect caused by home ventilation. This ultimately results in a much more comfortable living environment. But the Recair hybrid heat exchanger also has advantages in regions that do not suffer from dry and cold air. Allow us to explain. In areas where the outside air is generally both cooler and dryer than the inside air, moisture recovery is less critical. In such climate areas, however, the hybrid exchanger recovers more energy in total than a sensible exchanger. The additional latent energy stored in the moisture present in the air is transferred by means of the membrane. In this sort of climate, the Recair hybrid exchanger is also attractive thanks to its higher total energy transfer. However, none of these advantages apply in warmer climates. As outside air here is usually more humid than inside air, the drying effect from ventilation is negligible. Furthermore, the higher energy transfer is often insignificant as moisture (hence, energy) is extracted from the fresh intake air. Nevertheless, hybrid heat exchangers are used in this climate area as well. In these warm climate areas, homes are frequently equipped with air conditioning. For these homes with air conditioning, the hybrid heat exchanger has the advantage that it extracts both sensible and latent energy from the fresh intake air. The air is then not only precooled but is also dehumidified. This actually spares the air conditioner. As a result, the air conditioner does not have to work as hard at cooling. This creates significant savings from lower energy bills. 6 Pagina 5

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