Optimal moisture control, budget friendly and excellent performance RCH160 Moisture control for the best comfort Pleasant indoor climate The Recair RCH160 is a hybrid recuperator. It has been specially designed for manufacturers of ventilation systems who value both comfort and energy efficiency. Moisture transfer In developing the RCH160, Recair conducted research in order to determine the proper amount of moisture transfer in combination with a high sensible efficiency and low pressure drop. Moisture transfer contributes to a pleasant indoor climate. Competitive price The Recair RCH160 is competitively priced and provides you with an edge over your competitors. With this application, you can make significant progress towards an A+ energy efficiency label certification of your ventilation unit. For more information visit www.recair.com. New - Low pressure drop - High sensible heat transfer - Moisture transfer to incoming or outgoing airflow 5 Pagina 4

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