Dimensions and general specifications General specifications Dimensions: The Recair Series 160 has both a width and length of 366 mm, and a height that can vary between 100 mm and 500 mm. Casing: ABS Slats from model types RS160, RC160 and RU160: Polystyrene RCH160 model slats: Polyethylene Seal: Durable elastic natural resins Lifespan and hygiene The exchangeable surface of the 160 Series is produced from a material that was developed with dependable hygiene in mind. All models must be cleaned in accordance with the instructions. The slats are placed in a sturdy ABS casing. A natural resin provides for a reliable separation between the airflows under all conditions during the entire lifespan of the exchanger. Find your specific heat exchanger model Do you have questions about our heat exchangers but you do not know what model is installed in your ventilation unit? See the configuration key shown adjacently. 18 Pagina 17

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