Installation Advice for this recuperator Recair has manufactured this recuperator with considerable care. If you follow the recommendations below, you will be guaranteed a maximum result. Make sure the recuperator is positioned correctly in your ventilation device: Possibility I - upright The best position is upright with the nose profiles at the bottom and at the top. Make sure the cooling air flow goes from top to bottom so that the condensation can be properly removed. Left or right makes no difference. Possibility II - sideways You can also fit the recuperator to the side profile. Air entry can be on the left or the right, but must go from top to bottom. In this case your recuperator must be fitted during the manufacturing process with special condensation discharge holes. Recair will arrange this for you. Possibility III - horizontal In the event of horizontal fitting, gravity will not help remove the condensation. Although the recuperator is prepared for this, you should, in this case, make sure that the incoming air comes from the left. 17 Pagina 16

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