Recair sets the bar higher again With the successful Recair Sensitive160 (RS160), Recair has been at the forefront in the field of recuperators (heat exchangers) for many years. But we continue to innovate and seek solutions that will allow you to stand out in the market. The result: the Recair Comfort160 (RC160) and Recair Ultimate160 (RU160). Two completely newly developed recuperators for the most comfortable and efficient transfer of sensible energy. The shape and outer dimensions are unchanged, so that the three versions are interchangeable. The difference is in the internal geometry. The new Recair Comfort160 achieves the same excellent efficiency at a 40% lower pressure drop. More effective than most competitors and is rightfully ‘value for money’. In a nutshell, more comfort. In the Recair Ultimate160, we have managed to improve the already unparalleled effectiveness without increasing the pressure drop by an average of 2%. In short, more energy-saving. With these two new heat exchangers, Recair is once again linking maximum effectiveness to an extremely low pressure drop. On the one hand, in response to the market demand (ECO design - label A +). On the other hand, because we consider it a challenge to constantly raise the bar ever higher. The reuse of existing energy makes an important contribution to reducing CO2 production and thus to a sustainable society. Even more energy-saving, even more comfort. 2 Pagina 1

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