Construction and dimension The Recair Sensitive can be used for air temperatures between -22 and +122 °F. The recuperator is constructed completely from polystyrene - from the foils to the casing. Only solvent-free elastic adhesives are used. The Recair Sensitive has a width of 5.5” and length of 12.5”, and the (stack)height can vary from 3.9” to 11.8” (see Fig. 2). It is also possible for several recuperators to operate in parallel. The largest recuperator (11.8 inches) weighs 4 lbs 6 oz, and has a heat exchange surface of ± 101.2 ft², and a volume of 1.4 gallons. Figure 2: Dimensions. 30° Efficient performance The effectiveness and pressure drop as a function of the air-flow is illustrated in Fig. 3/4 (Note: this diagram is based on a dry return air temperature of 68 °F and an equal mass balance). Please note that there is no direct linear relationship between the supply-air temperature and the outside-air temperature when it comes to effectiveness: In fact, effectiveness will increase even further under conditions of high indoor relative humidity, with a potential of reaching up to 98% thermal effectiveness (see Fig. 5). With extreme condensation, the pressure drop in the return air may double. The overall result is a very small difference in temperature between the supply and return air, leading to greater indoor comfort and lower basic energy requirements. Reduced freezing length 12.5” length 13.3” 0,3” When outside air temperatures are very low, freezing may occur at the end of a recuperator’s return-air duct if the temperature of the exhaust air drops below 32 °F. In the Recair Sensitive, the condensation heat of the moisture in the return air helps keep the exhaust air above the freezing point, even when the outside air is much colder (see Fig. 6). The annual number of hours that the recuperator will freeze is therefore much lower than the actual number of hours of outdoor freezing temperatures. Manufacturers can also reduce the number of freezing hours even further by adjusting air intake, mass balance and recirculation. 4 height 3.9” - 11.8” width 5.5” Pagina 3

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