RCH160 Performance (heat exchanger stack height of 400 mm) It is useful to know how efficient heat exchangers actually are. In doing so, a comparison needs to be made between the warmth that it recovers and the energy used by the fans to overcome the air resistance of the exchanger. The issue is the difference between the energy gained versus the energy invested. A heat exchanger that not only recovers sensible energy but, in addition, also transfers moisture, can be illustrated by means of two separate efficiency functions. These are illustrated adjacently. The graphs need to be compared with the graph showing the air resistance caused by the exchanger. Everything is dependent on the amount of air flowing through the exchanger. The percentages in the efficiency function graphs may not necessarily appear compelling at first sight. The sensible efficiency percentages cannot be simply added to the latent efficiency percentages. The temperature of the fresh intake air does not increase together with a rise in the latent efficiency. However, in further developing heat exchangers, more energy will ultimately be recovered. Also see figure 4 on page 9. 8 Pagina 7

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