The successful Series 160 from Recair Recair is the leading developer and producer of heat exchangers for ventilation units worldwide. New insights enable new technological developments. The successful Series 160 has been upgraded with the RCH160 – a hybrid recuperator that ensures maximum comfort. The difference is in the details The various Series 160 models differ only in terms of efficiency and pressure drop. Their external dimensions are identical. No modifications inside your ventilation unit are necessary. The RS160 is the most popular heat exchanger in the world. The RC160 runs extremely quietly. And the RU160 is all about efficiency. Now there is also the RCH160 that combines everything. Extremely low pressure drop resulting in low noise levels. And thanks to its high sensible efficiency, the supply temperature is always comfortable. Moisture transfer to the incoming or outgoing airflow provides for an even more comfortable indoor climate and extra energy savings. Recair Series 160: RS, RU, RC & RCH (New) 3 Pagina 2

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